SideWinder™ Deck Case 100+

Compact, safe and easy!

SideWinder™ Deck Case 100+ Black  |   SKU: UGD010754   |   EAN: 4056133007337

The innovative SideWinder™ Deck Case provides a super easy access from both sides to your card deck. Ideal for the protection and archival safe storage of double-sleeved cards in standard size


Optimized for double-sleeved cards Holds up to 100 doubled-sleeved cards

Extra easy access When fully opened, the 3-fold lid leaves the box open to both sides for an easy extraction of the deck

Premium material Premium microfibre inner lining

Card stack ready The anti-slip characteristics of the microfibre inner lining makes the fully opened lid card stack ready

XenoSkin™ Innovative cover material with anti-slip texture

Very strong closure 4 magnets for a precise and secure closure

Durable rigid box Super rigid double-layer skin for maximum protection

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