High quality backing boards for additional comic protection.

Comic Backing Boards Magazine   |   SKU: UGD020031   |   EAN: 4056133001359

Rigid backing boards, made of high quality coated cardboard, for keeping your magazines and magazine-sized comics crease-free. Size 218 x 279 mm, 100 boards per pack.


Excellent volume and rigidity Min. 26pt. high bulk boards with less fibre for extra safe protection of your most valued comics.

Full high quality front side coating Gives the rigid boards even more stability and lets your comics glide extra smoothly in and out of the bag.

100% acid free, certified by independent lab This product is min. 7% calcium carbonate buffered, which makes it completely acid free and therefore ideal for protecting comics.

400g/m2 Backing Board weight Extra thick and rigid cardboard material to prevent your comics from bending and keep them free of creases.

Made in Europe Manufactured in the European Community to meet the high standards of serious comic collectors.

Collector's grade Great for storing, viewing and organizing your precious comic book collection

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