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Boulder Solid 2/2

Weil es uns wichtig ist, dass der Boulder Solid lokal produziert wird. Wir wollen mit dem Boulder Solid die Produktionsketten so kurz wie möglich halten, um nachhaltig und umweltverträglich zu handeln. Die Unterscheidung zwischen dem Boulder Solid für Amerika und Europa bzw. APAC kommt daher, dass die in Amerika erhältliche Deckboxen vor Ort in den USA beschafft und produziert werden, während der europäische und der APAC Boulder Solid in Deutschland hergestellt wird.
Aktuell sind nur die acht erhältlichen Farben geplant, wir schließen aber natürlich nichts aus.
Bisher gibt es dazu keine Pläne, aber wir sagen niemals nie!


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The production of our RTE Boulder follows the German Fairtrade standards. You can find more information here: 
The production of our RTE Boulder takes place exclusively in Germany. From there, all Return to Earth products are distributed to our other locations.
Our RTE Boulder is produced in the South Palatinate, based in southwest Germany.
Our RTE Boulder is neither degradable nor compostable under domestic or industrial conditions.
The material consists of a waste product from paper production. The basic component is wood from the local Black Forest.  
Yes, the packaging consists of 80% waste paper and 20% grass paper. The raw materials used are obtained in the Bavarian forest. 
When properly disposed of, our RTE Boulder is 100% recyclable.

Cortex 2/2

Which sleeves you need depends on the TCG you play. For example, Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon cards are the same size, so you can use our standard size sleeves. However, if you want to protect your Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Japanese size sleeves should be your choice.
For now, we have no plans to launch other sizes, but never say never.
We wanted to provide high-quality sleeves, that won't break the bank, but also won't break the first time you use them. Great shuffle-feel, extreme durability, remarkable opacity - all at great value.

Cortex 1/2

While our Ultimate Guard Katana sleeves are the best of the best we can produce, the Ultimate Guard Cortex sleeves are a good alternative at an attractive price point. We have used all our know-how to develop the perfect everyday sleeve for you. The result is a long-lasting sleeve with a very good shuffle-feel.
The difference is simply in the surface finish of the front of our sleeves. Glossy is the standard finishing of our and other sleeves on the market. Glossy has the advantage that it does not distort the colors of the card and you always have an unaltered view of the artwork on your cards. However, it has the disadvantage that the sleeves can tend to reflect in bright environments. With the matte finish you don't have this problem, but the colors may not look as brilliant.
You can be sure that we're already working on bringing new colors to the market.
We make sure our sleeves have a fully opaque back side. The purpose is to avoid any chance of cheating in a tournament.

Boulder Solid 1/2

Das Material des Boulder Solid ist im Gegensatz zum originalen Boulder absolut blickdickt. Zudem hat der Boulder Solid keine Soft-Touch-Oberfläche, fühlt sich also etwas mehr wie der RTE Boulder an.
Nein, der Boulder Solid ist eine zusätzliche Produktvariante, von der weder der klassische Boulder, noch der RTE Boulder betroffen sind.
Das Produkt ist in Sachen Material, Funktionalität und Größe dasselbe. Der einzige Unterschied: Der in Europa und APAC erhältliche Boulder hat bereits unser neues Logo, der amerikanische Boulder noch nicht.


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Payment methods

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Return to Earth (2/2)

Because climate change is a real threat to our planet. We are aware that becoming fully sustainable is a long road, but we are confidently taking it. This is a topic we've carefully considered in our everyday business not only recently, but for some time now.
Our RTE Boulder offer will be expanded with additional colors in the future. Adding sizes other than 100+ is not yet determined.
Our RTE Boulder is primarily made from natural and renewable resources. Coloring irregularities can occur during the processing of the materials and do not affect the functionality of the product. Just as in nature, every Boulder is different in its appearance and composition, making your product a truly unique possession.
Because climate change is a real threat to our planet. We are aware that becoming fully sustainable is a long road, but we are confidently taking it. This is a topic we've carefully considered in our everyday business not only recently, but for some time now.
Our RTE Boulder is completely vegan. No animal products are processed during production. 
At the beginning, we will add the RTE Boulder to our product range in addition to our regular Boulder assortment.  
Both Boulders offer excellent protection for your cards in everyday use, although under extreme conditions the normal Boulder can be a bit more resistant due to its material properties.