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Welcome to the new home of Ultimate Guard! We are excited to introduce to you an updated contemporary design, new functionalities and more content than we ever had before.

While browsing through our large portfolio, you will find the typical information and usability tips about our products as well as background stories to our brand. Through our Store Finder, you can find the closest LGS or online shop offering our products.

AND YES: if you are living in the EU, you can now purchase directly from us via our EU online shop!

This blog is a special place on our new website where you can learn more about our products, the latest changes to our portfolio and news about our company. We grant you sneak peeks and other ‘Behind the scenes’ to learn more about us here at UG and receive updates on what is going on in the world of Ultimate Guard.

Collage of people from the UG Team

Team CFBUltimateguard, Pokémon and many more

But there is more to come! In our blog, you will find high quality gaming content across various TCGs such as Pokémon, Flesh and Blood and also regular entries by some of the most legendary Magic: The Gathering players of all time: the members of Team CFBUltimateguard. Get their latest MTG updates or follow them through one of their fond memories from years of playing and travelling.

Our passion for the game is what drives us daily in our work. With eyes peeled and ears open, we do care for what you want. We listen to you, the players, collectors and content creators. Bring it on!

We invite you to immerse yourself into the world of Ultimate Guard. We are by your side!

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All across the globe, the members of the Ultimate Guard team follow their passion for gaming and collectibles! In our blog, we will share personal insights, background stories about our products and sneak peaks behind the scenes of Ultimate Guard.