Don't Try This at Home! How much can Ultimate Guard products take?

Whether it's a house fire, a pit bull attack, or being run over by a car, we've heard the craziest and unbelievable stories from you about the incidents and accidents your precious cards have survived thanks to Ultimate Guard's deck boxes.

Stories like that make us extremely proud, because we love to protect what you love. But stories like that also make us curious. So, we asked ourselves: What are the physical limits of our products?

Well, we tested it! In our new YouTube series 'Don't Try This at Home!', we take on deck box after deck box and get to the bottom of how much our products can really take.

You might ask yourself now: Will my Boulder ever come in contact with a flame twice as hot as a normal fire? Will I ever use my deck boxes to play baseball with? Well, probably not. But we still had great fun exploring the extremes, even though it hurts to destroy our own products, of course. But what won't you do for a thorough product test and good entertainment ...

Ultimate Guard's DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! Season 1 | Boulder

Episode 1 | Force Test

In Episode 1 we do the FORCE TEST. What happens if you demolish the Boulder with a hammer? And what do the cards look like in case you use the deck box as a baseball (you read that right)?

Episode 2 | Weight Test

In Episode 2 we put our Boulder through the WEIGHT TEST. Can three men stand on a deck box at the same time without breaking it? Check it out!

Episode 3 | Heat Test

It's getting hot in Episode 3! The HEAT TEST shows how long the Boulder will protect your deck from a 3,000 °C fire.

Episode 4 | Water Test

Has your deck ever been caught in the middle of a water balloon fight? Or gotten in the way of a pressure washer? In Episode 4, the WATER TEST will show how waterproof the Boulder is. Even when thrown into a swimming pool ...

Episode 5 | Drop'n'Pop

In Episode 5 we examine the Boulder for its DROP'N'POP capabilities. First we have a drone drop the deck box, then it's off to the microwave – to make popcorn inside it!

Episode 6 | Freeze'n'Sun

First arctic cold, then the concentrated power of the sun: Will our deck box survive the extremes? The FREEZE'N'SUN test in Episode 6 has the answer!

Episode 7 | Car Extreme

Episode 7 CAR EXTREME finally answers the age-old question: How many times do you have to drive over a boulder with a car before it breaks?

Episode 8 | Mix Shot

One final endurance test for our Boulder in Episode 8 MIX SHOT: What happens to the deck box in a blender? And how far can a Boulder be flung? See for yourself!

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