Boulder’n’Tray 100+ Available Now!

You’ve never stopped asking for it and now the time has come: the Boulder'n'Tray 100+, a worthy successor to the Ultimate Guard Monolith and a functional extension of our popular Boulder is here.

Call it a comeback!

A few years ago, we decided to phase out the Monolith because we had chosen a worthy and higher quality successor in the Boulder. But for all the Boulder's popularity, we also learned that many of you missed the convenience of an additional tray for your dice and accessories. So we started to recreate the proven design of the Monolith, but at the same time eliminate the minor flaws of the product.

The Boulder'n'Tray 100+ now combines the proven sturdiness of our Boulder with the demanded flexibility of an additional tray for your dice and accessories as formerly featured in our venerable Monolith. But unlike the classic Monolith, this deck box is enhanced with the well-known satisfying soft-touch finish for a long-lasting usage during all your gaming sessions. No more sticky deck boxes!

Now available

Watch out for it, the Boulder’n’Tray 100+ is hitting the shelves. You can get yours now in our online Shop (EU only), during the next days in our Amazon Store (Americas) or check out some partner stores in our Store Finder!

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