Show your colors and bring harmony to your collection

A classic reinvented

Dazzling in monochrome, our popular Xenoskin products will reveal a contemporary and timeless re-design for gamers and collectors. Show your favorite colors from the inside out.

Evolvement and renewal

Our Xenoskin products with their grey inner-lining made their first appearance in the market seven years ago. But as our brand evolves, so do our products. Without altering the proven functionality and usability of our popular line, we’re offering our community a new vibrant and elegant look for their beloved products as well as greater consistency for their collection.

Welcome your new companions

Starting this summer with our popular Sidewinder 100+ and Arkhive 400+, our whole line of Xenoskin products will gradually be replaced by our new monocolor design, leaving our characteristic grey inner-lining only for our grey Xenoskin products, and transforming the former design instantly into a collector’s classic.


Compared to the existing line, our green, blue and red Xenoskin products will receive a complete makeover and will, from now on, shine in new vivid color tones.


Going forward, the revised color scheme will include the following eight colors for our boxes and cases: black, blue, white, red, green, grey, purple and petrol. For our Hives, the following colors will be included in our portofolio: black, blue, grey, red, petrol.

What is to expect?

Sidewinder 100+ // Arkhive 400+

Sidewinder 80+ // Superhive 550+
Flip'n'Tray 100+ // Twin Flip'n'Tray 200+

Flip'n'Tray 80+ // Twin Flip'n'Tray 160+

Smarthive 400+ // Arkhive 800+
Mat Case