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A dream came true, when three friends established their own line of TCG accessories. Their goal was to close the gap of high-quality products in the market, offering new ways to store and protect your collection. This is how Ultimate Guard was born in 2011.

Return to Earth

We have carefully considered our ecological responsibilities. Our commitment to protecting the environment includes the use of new materials and the creation of new products with an additional focus on sustainability. The Return to Earth Series is our first step towards this goal.

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Ultimate Guard Blog

The future of planeswalkers in MTG after March of the Machine: The Aftermath | Magic: The Gathering

March of the Machine: The Aftermath had a majority of planeswalkers lose their sparks. Here's what happens in the story and what it means for the game.

March of the Machine Limited: The best (and worst) Multiverse Legends | Magic: The Gathering

The Multiverse Legends make MOM Limited incredibly fun and powerful, but also difficult. Here are the best, worst and most underrated cards to pick and avoid!

Pokémon: Standard rotation - a comprehensive guide

Rotation is a crucial part of the Pokémon Standard format. But how does it work? And how to identify which cards are legal?

Has the power level creep in MTG gotten to be too much? | Magic: The Gathering

The more new MTG sets are printed, the more evident power level creep becomes. But has it gotten to be too much? And how can this problem be solved?


Across games, countries and time zones, we are working together with a broad selection of renowned players, passionate content creators and successful teams.

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Katana Sleeves

Our Katana Sleeves meet the highest standards of players and collectors alike. 

Protect your cards like a Samurai would!

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