Behind Return to Earth - A whole new sustainable path

We’ve planted the seeds – Our first step towards a more sustainable and ecological product line.

This is the premise of our Return to Earth Boulder 100+ released this year. Behind this compact box, which can hold 100+ cards and is made of 97% recyclable materials, there is more than the usual brainstorming, planning and production process. A lot of work, effort, trial and error was put into this product and indeed into the overarching path we aspire to follow. 

Our ecological thinking was present a long time before we were able to conceive and give shape to our RTE Boulder. As a company, we have been following the ecological, sustainable and healthy path for many years. We have a paperless, plant-filled office, and offer a wide-range of employee health benefits such as organic snacks, free sport courses and outdoor activities including a bike leasing program to improve the eco-mobility of our whole team.  

Our brand-new Campus in Germany, an industrial complex with a green heart, is unique in our region. It has a clean working environment, is built with eco-friendly materials and supported by green energy to significantly reduce our company’s carbon footprint.  

There is more to come

The Return to Earth series is our first step towards sustainable production. We identified and tested several materials and different mixtures before we came up with a satisfying result, which we now produce in a locally-established manufacturing factory. Over the course of nearly two years, we ran thousands of tests before we were finally ready to present the RTE Boulder 100+ to you.  

Tisch mit verschiedenen Deck Boxen
Sampling in process - a long way to the final product

Until today, we are proud that we’ve been able to add further colors into the mix. While we are still in the learning process, we are working actively on expanding this series in the near future, as well as on continuing to improve the sustainability of our operations in general. 

We are aware that becoming fully sustainable is a long road and we are confidently committed to pursuing this path. Environmentally-conscious production is a topic we consider carefully daily, and we are actively promoting this in a number of ways, for example, by demanding a fair work environment at our partner facilities 

Stay tuned for more!

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