2022 Exclusive line and beyond

Friends, customers, fans, and partners of Ultimate Guard, we would like to share some exciting news with you all!

As a company that is moving towards the goal of higher ecological responsibility and sustainability, and reshape the way we do things, we still stay true to our roots of responsiveness to our consumers and the overarching goal to create well made products that gamers and collectors seek.

Taking new risks

Our goal is not only to make great products, but products that you have either shown us how you’d like us to improve or items you have shown a demand for over time. In line with this thinking and responsiveness to our community, we some time ago, began planning how to improve an already well loved product, the Sidewinder Xenoskin 100+. We took a chance, and the risk to bring a whole new series of product to the market, that would allow players that used decks of 100 cards, or larger, to include all the tokens and sideboard cards a player may need, for any size thickness of double sleeved cards, for as many as 133+.

And so, as part of our 2022 Exclusive Line, the Sidewinder Xenoskin 133+ Deck box was brought to life. We also redesigned our Twin Flip ‘N’ Tray 200+, to a larger 266+ size, again in line with demand for a new series of larger products. Finally, we included a larger capacity Hive, for players that like to Cube, and store more products, and introduced the Omnihive Xenoskin 1000+, which conveniently stores the Sidewinder 133+ and other UG products

We had such an overwhelming response to this new line, that we sold most of a full years’ supply of product, in just a few short months. This showed us that taking the risk for a new deck box size was the right step, leading us to create the Deck Case 133+, which sold out immediately (with more on the way).

Starting with the Omnihive 1000+

We heard you loud and clear, and we are excited to share that there is more of what you so clearly loved just recently on the way. We are happy to announce that all three 2022 Exclusive products will receive a permanent spot in our evergreen line of product selections. Get ready for the Omnihive 1000+, followed by the Sidewinder 133+ and the Twin Flip’n’Tray 266+ in more colors and availability in the future.

We want to thank you for continuing to support us, and to share with us what you want, and what you like about our products. We will endeavor to keep creating the kinds of products you want to have at your gaming table, or take to your gaming event, or use for permanent storage solutions. And be sure, we are already working hard on expanding both our Return to Earth Series as well as our line of 133+ deck boxes. We look forward to making great products that will be enjoyed by our audience.

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