The heo Campus

One sunny Thursday at the end of May 2019, three old high school friends met in a corn field to dig a little hole for a very tall building. A historic moment in the lives of the three men Ulrich, Christoph and Marcel who, along with the heo team, have worked hard for the past 26 years to make heo one of the fastest growing companies both in our industry and in our region.

The heo Campus, including multiple warehouse buildings, an extensive office space and external storage, covers an area totaling 25,000 square meters. Our short-term goal was to secure more agile, efficient and sustainable logistic processes at one single point of entry. In addition to building these vast new logistic spaces for ever-increasing demands upon our capacity, we have also invested in a highly automated robotic warehouse system Autostore, which helps to improve the stocking and processing of our small-part items.

heo Campus Autostore

A new home for Ultimate Guard

Within the new office space are approximately 120-150 desktop workplaces. The new work environment provides the optimal space for more creative, agile and collaborative project-based tasks. A combination of open-plan design mixed with multi-purpose meeting and presentation areas, as well as separate single-workspace booths for more concentrated individual work, meets the needs of both heo’s creative and administrative teams – and creates a modern new home for Ultimate Guard.

With this project we are also ready to address one of the biggest manmade issues of our lifetime – climate change. Our commitment to protecting the environment goes beyond using new materials and creating new products with an additional focus on sustainability. With the heo Campus project, we have taken an even more serious approach to building in a sustainable and clean manner to help significantly reduce our company’s carbon footprint.

Industriegebäude mit Blumen im Vordergrund

Into a more sustainable future

We’ve incorporated elements such as energy-efficient lighting and low-energy appliances throughout the build. Electrical charging stations powered by renewable energy sources are provided throughout the campus facilities to be used for e-mobility. Large parts of our rooftops are equipped with photovoltaic panels which cover the majority of our electricity needs. Storage batteries collect and store the energy during the night for powering various logistics machines and appliances. No fossil-fuels are used to generate any energy at all throughout the complex. For our interior design, we have used non-toxic materials and products to improve the indoor air quality.

This energy concept is unique to an industrial object of this size in the whole region. The new home of the Ultimate Guard and all other project teams at heo strengthens us for the future and enables us to do what we love the most: to stand by your side, on all your journeys and adventures.

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