Content Creator Donation Week - Gather for Good

What is the Content Creator Donation Week - Gather for Good?

The Content Creator Donation Week - Gather for Good is a week filled with activities performed by a variety of different content creators. During each of these activities, donations will be collected for a charitable cause.

Who are the donations going to?

Donations will be made to the Initiative Chance für Kinder e.V to support their "Aktion Weihnachtsmann" (Santa Claus Campaign). This initiative focuses on bringing joy to children from needy families by sending them gifts worth 30€, as the growing economic challenges make it difficult for many families to afford giving their children gifts for Christmas.
Every donation in this initiative contributes to bringing a little joy to the children. If you would like to donate right away, you can do so here.

When is the Content Creator Donation Week taking place?

The Content Creator Donation Week runs from December 2nd to December 10th and is full of great events planned by a variety of content creators. You can find the schedule and details about each creator's event here.

Which content creators are involved?

MTGMalone Linktree
Ekszit93 Linktree
Magic Shibby Linktree
Bunte_Knete_TV Twitch
Sol4r1s Linktree
Creme Flash and Bulbeasaur
Herumkommandiert Linktree
hannahgramm Linktree
prodzeit Linktree

Shiny's Command Linktree
v_Jonte Linktree
MagicBlogsDe Linktree
uebelst4r Linktree
Mina Keks Linktree
Nackt und Rosa Linktree
Cardcast3r Linktree
Ketza Linktree
GermanMagicStories Linktree


You have the chance to win one of 6 Ultimate Guard packages! You can enter the raffle throughout the entire donation week, regardless of the amount you donate. The chance of winning is not tied to a donation.
Here you can access the raffle.

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