Ultimate Guard at MagicCon Chicago: Program, Timetable, Shop

We are excited to announce that Ultimate Guard will be a part of MagicCon Chicago from February 23 to 25, 2024. You'll find us at booth 1210 in the McCormick Place Lakeside Center, where we have prepared a fantastic program for you over three full days. All the details can be found in this article!

MagicCon Chicago will be the next massive celebration of Magic: The Gathering in all its facets. In addition to the Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor and numerous other tournaments, there will be opportunities to attend various events and panels, as well as to meet your favorite artists, cosplayers, and stars of the scene.

Ultimate Guard's booth at MagicCon Chicago: Meet (and beat) our creators!

While our booth will be bigger and more spectacular than ever, one thing remains the same: our popular Meet&Beat goes into the next round in the Windy City! Whether you want to: play against CGB, the EDHREC crew, MTG_Baron, or Filipa in the format of your choice; join the MTGGoldfish crew for a round of Commander; or draft with the best players in the world in the Hall of Famers from Team CFBUltimateGuard or Team Handshake – we make your Magic dreams come true!

And if it doesn't work out, no problem: throughout the entire MagicCon, at our booth you can meet even more awesome people like Sam from Rhystic Studies, Ashlizzle, or the cosplayers Zbexx and Magicmishamigo, chat with them, or get your cards signed.

Ultimate Guard shop at MagicCon Chicago: World Premiere of our 2024 Exclusive Line

By the way, not only can you hang out with Team Ultimate Guard in Chicago, but you can also buy our fantastic products! Our booth in Chicago includes a shop managed by Game Corps. Here, you can, for example, exclusively get the first RTE Boulder 100+, Zipfolio 360 Xenoskin, and Play-Mats from our 2024 Exclusive Line before they officially hit the market.

And who knows, maybe we’ll even have some major announcements about new products and partnerships for you...

Pro Tour Co-Streaming at the Ultimate Guard Booth

Once again, we will be hosting the official co-streams of the Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor at the Ultimate Guard booth. VAL&PL (French), Bearded Husky (Spanish), and Sol4r1s (German) will broadcast the tournament live in their respective languages while you watch! Or you can participate in the public viewing of the official Pro Tour broadcast, which will also be available at our booth.

We hope you are as hyped as we are for MagicCon Chicago! Stop by our booth, we look forward to seeing you. 

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