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  • The Digital Life Pad is a handy, easy-to-use and eco-friendly writing tablet for your everyday writing and scribbling needs. The perfect gaming companion for keeping score or counting your life points!

  • The extremely smooth and heat-sensitive ChromiaSkin™ surface material** brings its amazing color-changing effects to Ultimate Guard Play-Mats and adds an extraordinary look and feel. Available in various color options.

  • This ultimate box leaves nothing to be desired! There is space for everything you will need, with compartments for multiple card decks and cases, two play-mats and accessories like dice, tokens and life counters!

    Some examples of what this amazing box can hold:

    • For 5x UG Sidewinder™ 80+ or 4x UG Sidewinder™ 100+ plus extra storage space
    • For 5x UG Boulder™ Deck Case 100+ or 6x UG Boulder™ Deck Case 80+ plus extra storage space
    • For 550+ double-sleeved cards or 650+ single-sleeved cards or 1100+ unsleeved cards*
    • For 2x UG Flip’n’Tray 80+ or 5x UG Flip Deck Case 80+ or 4x UG Flip Deck Case 100+ plus extra storage space
    • For 230+ Top-Loaders (standard size, 12 mil)
    • For 5x UG Deck Case 100+ or 6x UG Deck Case 80+ plus extra storage space 
  • The innovative Sidewinder™ Deck Case is now available with the extremely smooth and heat-sensitive ChromiaSkin™ surface material**, which has an amazing color-changing effect when being touched. Bringing all the features you know and love about our SideWinder™ line, this adds an extraordinary look

  • Extra sturdy and robust carrying tube for all standard-sized play-mats or any other rolled prints, posters or artwork. Different color options available.

  • High quality Portfolio with flexible, durable cover with unique "Lands Edition" design and 20 integrated 18-pocket-pages for all standard and Japanese sized gaming cards.

  • High quality, 70 wide, 3-ring album with innovative XenoSkin™ cover for QuadRow Pocket Pages.

  • Premium XenoSkin™ card box with magnetic closure and card and dice trays for the protection and archival safe storage of 200 double-sleeved cards in standard size (e.g. Magic: The Gathering™, Pokémon™ and others).*

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