Ultimate Guard announces new logo

We are proud and happy to reveal our new logo as the next chapter in Ultimate Guard's story.

Ultimate Guard has risen to become the premium brand in TCG accessories since its inception twelve years ago. This is thanks to our innovative and progressive approach, where we are always looking to create value for our gaming communities, and to create products that are stylish and timeless as well as smart, modular, and nothing less than trend-setting in the game. As well as being of the highest quality, of course.

Our new logo is not only meant to reflect the path we've taken so far, but also to pave the way for the future.

This is Ultimate Guard's new logo 

While our lettering has received only minor changes, the Ultimate Guard signet is brand new. One symbol to merge all that we want to stand for as a company.

What do you see in Ultimate Guard's new logo? A fingerprint that reflects the uniqueness of our products? A blossom that symbolizes our connection to nature and our awareness of sustainability? A shield that protects your beloved cards, comics and collectibles? Or just a deck box full of cards?

We see all of the above - and so much more! Our new visual identity will strengthen our brand and help us with our future visions and goals: for new products we're developing and new worlds we want to explore.

You'll find Ultimate Guard's new logo on all newly produced products – starting with the release of the Boulder 100+ Solid made in Germany.

Autor: Ultimate Guard

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