A hot bundle to immerse yourself in the frozen world of Ultimate Guard


Boulder 100+

Limited design in ice blue
Designed for 100 double-sleeved or 120 single-sleeved standard sized cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves1
Durable and rigid box
Soft-touch finish2
Designed to fit into other Ultimate Guard products: Superhive 550+, Arkhive 400+, Arkhive 800+, Smarthive 400+, Flip’n’Tray 100+, Twin Flip’n’Tray 200+
Secure closure


Full colour print with limited artwork design
Soft cushioned Play-Mat
Protects gaming cards and accessories during gameplay
Extra thick, 2 mm Mat
Anti-slip underside for maximum gaming grip
Natural rubber

Katana Standard Size

Made in Japan
Impeccable clarity 
Extra long lifespan and durability
Perfect shuffling
Acid free, no PVC