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Play-Mats: Everything you need to know

Often underestimated by newer players to begin with, Play-Mats are nevertheless essential when it comes to protecting your cards and sleeves. Because even in sleeves, you shouldn't play your trading cards on all surfaces. Dirty, sticky or rough patches "lurk" on many surfaces... if you still play your decks regularly everywhere, your cards may be safe, but the sleeves will be affected and will frequently have to be cleaned or, in the worst case, even replaced. A Play-Mat can help here and ensures that cards and sleeves always look good.

Play-Mats are also an important factor within the overall gaming experience. When playing on a mat, cards can be picked up quickly and easily, your playing area is clearly defined and you always have a good overview - Play-Mats therefore ensure that your Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon or Loracana game runs smoothly in many ways. And, of course, they look fantastic!

Whether you’re after Classic Play-Mats for one person or XXL Battle-Mats for the whole table; plain and monochrome mats or ones with breathtaking designs; and not forgetting a range of practical accessories: Ultimate Guard has a large selection for you in the online store.

Play-Mats protect your cards and sleeves from dirt and damage and even save you money in the long run. Play-Mats also ensure a smooth game flow and a better gaming experience.

Most players rely on Play-Mats with a non-slip and lightly padded rubber underside and a polyester surface, so there is no risk of slipping on your playing field. A variant of Play-Mats are those with stitched edges, which should prevent the two layers from separating or the fabric from fraying. There are also double-sided Play-Mats that are printed with motifs on both sides - but with these there is a risk that the Play-Mat will slip easily and the order will be lost.

Transporting your play-mat unprotected is not recommended. Sooner of later, even high-quality Play-Mats will suffer permanent creases, bends, or other damage or accumulate dirt (which they are supposed to protect against) if they are simply thrown loose into backpacks or bags. Transport bags or, ideally, tubes in which Play-Mats can be transported practically and safely can help here. 

Play-Mats can be cleaned easily by hand-washing. Use warm water (below 30 degrees) and a mild detergent or soap. Then spread the Play-Mat out on a flat surface and leave to dry - that's it. Under no circumstances should Play-Mats be wrung out or dried with a hairdryer after washing! It’s a myth that Play-Mats can be cleaned in a washing machine... we advise against that.