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Arkhive 800+ XenoSkin

Color: Black Purple Petrol Red


Currency : EUR

New product

This ultimate box leaves nothing to be desired! With the innovative ZnapClaw closure and space for more than 800 double-sleeved cards, Toploaders and compartments for multiple boxes like Boulder and Deck Cases, our Arkhive 800+ has enough room for cubing and storage!

  • For 8 x Boulder 100+ or 10 x Boulder 80+
  • For 12 x Boulder 60+ or 16 x Boulder 40+
  • For 8 x Deck Case 100+ or 10 x Deck Case 80+
  • For 900+ double-sleeved cards or 1000+ single-sleeved cards or 1900+ unsleeved cards.

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Designed for 900 double-sleeved or 1000 single-sleeved standard sized cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*


Ideal for storing a variety of Ultimate Guard products


Convenient for carrying multiple decks


Easy access


Great for cubing


Resistant XenoSkin material


Microfiber inner lining


Strong magnetic closure


ZnapClaw – additional locking mechanism

* Designed for Ultimate Guard Sleeves. Sleeves from other brands may affect capacity/compatibility.

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Dimensions approx. 310 × 181 × 113 mm
Interior dimensions approx. 303 × 77 × 103 mm (2×)