Ultimate Guard at MagicCon: Las Vegas - Everything you need to know

MagicCon is back - and so is Ultimate Guard: having had a fantastic time at MagicCon: Barcelona, we are very excited to announce that we'll return to MTG's biggest event in Las Vegas.

You can expect another amazing weekend full of Magic in the Wilds of Eldraine and, in addition to the highly anticipated 100K Limited Open, the most important tournament MTG has to offer: The Magic World Championship XXIX.

The Ultimate Guard booth will once again be the place to be for action, playing and more, throughout the entire weekend. Here is everything you need to know.


You can look forward to more Magic and bigger names at our booth number 305 than ever before!

Of course, there will be our beloved Meet&Beat on all three days of MagicCon, where you can challenge our pros and content creators to a duel in the format of your choice and win Ultimate Guard products.

But that's not all: You can win a place in the draft of your life with four Hall of Famers or take part in our Easter Egg hunt!


The Magic World Championship XXIX, in the words of Wizards of the Coast the "pinnacle premier level play event of the year", will be held in Las Vegas. Over 100 of the best players of the season will compete against each other in Wilds of Eldraine Booster Drafts as well as Standard.

Following the successful broadcast of the Pro Tour at MagicCon: Barcelona by the Ultimate Guard sponsored official co-streamers of WotC,  our  booth will once again host the official co-streaming area of the tournament from the Nevada desert.

The livestreams can be found on the following Twitch channels.

Everyone who’s interested in the course of the World Championship is of course invited to watch the matches live via public viewing at our booth.

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