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  • SuperHive 550+
  • Sidewinder ChromiaSkin
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  • Undercover Sleeves

  • Battle-Tiles


  • SIDEWINDER™ DECK CASE 80+ / 100+

  • BOULDER DECK CASE 80+ / 100+

  • ARKHIVE 400+


  • TWIN FLIP'n'TRAY 160+

Thanks so much to all our friends, customers and supporters for the positive feedback in the last days and especially for the massive demand we have received from America and Asia. Our new products such as XenoSkin Flip Cases, PP Tray Cases, Twin Deck Cases, Zipfolios, Resealable Precise-Fit Sleeves and Playmats will be available in stores at the beginning of Dec 2014.

We would like to tell our friends in the USA and Canada that we are in the process of setting up our sales network there and will have our products in stores as soon as possible – before Christmas 2014. Please keep on emailing us, we will be happy to send you vendor contacts in a few days.

Give your collection what it deserves!

Ultimate Guard has established itself very rapidly as a synonym for high quality and innovation in the market of trading card games and collectors. Our products are designed by collectors for collectors to extend the life of cards, comics and figures and to maintain and increase their value over a long time! Ultimate Guard – smart protection systems!

Ultimate Guard is not running an online-shop nor selling to consumers directly. Please contact us for vendor addresses, we will be happy to help you find a source for our products.


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Our mission

The overarching goal of ULTIMATE GUARD is to enrich the market with products that gamers and collectors really need, and which can be easily sourced and sold by retailers in a convenient and reliable way.

Staying closely in touch with the entire user community and with all partners in our supply chain is a key element of our operation. Artists, collectors, players, gamers and electronic device users, along with the ever changing conditions and requirements for protection and storage products all combine to define our flexible product line. This makes us truly a «living» company that is always ready to head out in new directions.

Combining advanced functionality, intelligent design, premium quality and economic pricing; ULTIMATE GUARD's mission is to provide specialized protection and storage solutions to the collector, gaming and electronic devices markets around the world.

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