New Omnihive 1000+ Xenoskin 2022 Exclusive

Digital rendering shown   Depicted accessories, such as cards, dice or figures, are not included.

Omnihive 1000+ Xenoskin 2022 Exclusive

Color: Pastell green Dark orange


Currency : EUR

New product

Introducing the new 2022 Exclusive Omnihive 1000+! The ultimate spacious and flexible box for storing large collections. This box can hold more than 1000 double- sleeved cards or carry multiple decks and/or Play-Mats plus other Ultimate Guard products like the 2022 Exclusive Sidewinder 133+. Two removable, magnetic, adjustable and stackable trays make this box unique: it’s adaptable for all kinds of games and formats and enables multiple different ways of storing and using your collection.

Some examples of what this amazing box can hold:

  • 1000+ double-sleeved cards
  • 1250+ single-sleeved cards
  • 2200+ unsleeved cards
  • 6x Sidewinder 133+
  • 8x Sidewinder 100+
  • 10x Sidewinder 80+
  • 10x Boulder 100+
  • 12x Boulder 80+
  • 14x Boulder 60+
  • 22x Boulder 40+
  • 8x Play-Mats

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The wonder-box for storing your complete collection as flexibly as you like!


Designed for 1000+ double-sleeved or 1250+ single-sleeved standard sized cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*


Modular design to combine with Ultimate Guard products


Two magnetic trays for flexible positioning and storing of accessories or double-sleeved cards


Suitable for cubing and other formats like Commander/EDH**


Convenient for carrying multiple decks, dice and/or Play-Mats


Easy Access


 Resistant Xenoskin material


Monocolored design with quality microfiber inner lining


Strong magnetic closure with additional ZnapClaw locking mechanism

*Designed for Ultimate Guard Sleeves. Sleeves from other brands may affect capacity/compatibility

** "Magic: The Gathering™" and "Magic: The Gathering Commander™" are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast.
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  Data sheet

Dimensions approx. 407 × 92 × 228 mm
Main compartment (inner dimension) approx. 399 × 82 × 106 mm (2×)
Card tray (inner dimension) approx. 96 × 36 × 72 mm (2×)